About us

Mehr Kala has more than 3 decades of experience in exporting, importing and istributing of petrochemicals and plastic raw materials  as well as  supplying industrial equipment in Iran. Having branches and business partners in Middle East and Europe, we have the capability to supply various plastic raw materials such as PE, PP, PVC, EV, PU, POE, PET and  industrial equipment, mostly oil and gas key upstream and downstream requirements like turbine, electromotor, pump, electrical boards, various industrial valve types and cables.

We believe on win-win deals with both our suppliers as well as our customers and with our professional and motivated team we have built an efficient sales network throughout Iran.

Our main power points are as follows:

■     Our professional team in sourcing, procurement, sales and logistics

■     Our close relation with main global petrochemical suppliers

■     Our efficient sales network throughout Iran

■     More than 100 active customers which are our main asset

■     Our flexible payment terms with ability to accept deferred payments from our customers

■     A big warehouse near Tehran which enables us to arrange prompt deliveries in case requested by our customers.

■    Our partner offices in Europe and Middle East has made it easy for us to work with global suppliers also facilitating our worldwide transactions.

Mehr Kala is supplying to the customers in various industries like upstream and downstream industrial fields, Automotive, shoe, packing and film, Caps and closures, Artificial Leathers, Wire/Cable, textile/fiber and so on. We are able to supply a superior quality range of Polymers and Plastic . Products and industrial equipment sourced from various globally well-known suppliers

We have no doubts that achieving great goals require great cooperation and participation. So we eagerly shake your hands as our customer or our business partner and if you would like to cooperate with us, you are most welcomed!