Foods And Supplements

Delivering healthy and delicious foodstuffs mostly from European companies to their target countries, especially in the countries of Western Asia and the Middle East. For this purpose, Paknaman Iliya Mehr Corporation coordinate its partners in Europe and the Middle East.

The product basket of Paknaman Ilyia Mehr (PIMCO) contain a wide variety of products of flour derivation such as biscuits, cookies and breadcrumbs, sweets like chocolate, candy, breakfast chocolate and mints pills, beverages such as Energy drinks and natural juices, seasonings like ketchup  and salad dressings, and various types of olive oil and cooking oils.
The success of the company, Iliya Mehr (PIMCO), derives from its abilities. the most important of which are skilled manpower, powerful marketing capabilities, a vast international logistic network, strong financial management and advanced IT infrastructure.

Paknaman iliya Mehr (PIMCO), according to its vision, is always trying to expand its basket of products and its target markets.

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