Smart street lights

Mehr Kala as a leading company in providing smart solutions for cities and industries in Iran has provided smart lighting system to create a smart and safe environment for urban areas with using LED technology, smart lighting management system and also network base cameras with the capability of video analytics. This is a very suitable starting point for the communities who want cleaner and healthier life.


Modular using of very low consumption LED lamps with high service life
Strong structure and aerodynamic body with adjustable pillar
Electrostatic coverage and high corrosion resistance
Designing suitable heat transfer system for repelling the created heat and increase efficiency
High corrosion resistance and adaptability with different weather conditions
The possibility of saving and distributing solar energy and saving the power consumption up to 60 percent
Remote controlling capability and lighting management by computer software and smartphones.
Individual lamp control
Creating advance communicational protocols for establishing the smart city
The capability of integrating with third party sensors and detectors
High flexibility in different environmental conditions
Inappreciable use of network base CCTV cameras with the capability of providing advanced and applicable video analytics to create secure environment
Beautiful design according to modern architecture


Highways, main streets, and public areas
Industrial environment
Tourist places
Ports and …

The advantages of using LED lamps

High efficiency
High lifetime
The absence of ultraviolet and infrared rays
Operating at very low voltages
High safety against electric shock, burns and fire incidents
Environmentally friendly

The advantages of using video analytics in smart lighting systems

Traffic control and urban surveillance, vehicle tracking and control (LPR, direction, and speed, counting and stop in restricted areas)
Powerful surveillance and control on urban, industrial, commercial and administrative environments
Tracking and controlling people (face detection and recognition, facial expression recognition, fall, occupancy rate, tampering, loitering and intrusion detection)
Providing real-time statistics and video information (heat map, age and gender and queue management)
Customized solutions such as detecting special items (sending alarm to security and relief centers and providing help for their traffic, faced covered, smoke and fire detection)

The advantages of using applied sensors

Detecting and measuring a number of environmental toxic gasses such as H2S, NOX, SOX, CO, CO2 and so on
Flame and fire detection
Noise detection
Transferring the alarm directly to the relief centers
The possibility of adding another capability according to customer requirements
Using motion detectors for dimming the lights in conventional hours to get different light levels
Measuring the speed of cars and pedestrians and adjusting the light of next nodes
Measuring the amount of air pollution and electromagnetic waves

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