The advantages of using Teliko smart lighting system:

  • Remote lighting management
  • Precise lighting turning on/off
  • Street light dimming at night
  • GSM/3G Communication
  • Fast fault detection
  • Schedules and reports
  • Work tracking and inventory
  • Individual lamp control
  • Determination of lamp burnout
  • Current leakage detection
  • Energy accounting
  • No need to timer
  • Saving service and maintenance costs
  • Data encryption
  • Environment protection

How does it work?

1. The user, using a web browser, connects to the software, which is located on “” server (in the secure data center).

2- Through GSM data transfer method, user commands (e.g., turning lighting on/off) are transmitted to electrical distribution cabinet where the C-BOX control unit is installed.

    • C-BOX executes the given user commands (turns on/off lines) and, if C-NODE device is installed, transmits them to the C-NODE through Power line communications. C-BOX sends reports on:
    • Lamp and line status
    • The consumed energy
    • Meter measurements
    • Cabinet door opening


    • C-NODE controls each individual lantern by turning it on/off or by changing the light intensity. The device detects lamp burnout, measure consumed energy and reports on the dead capacitors.

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